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Order Management



When you get a request that needs your attention, you will get an email notification from service@meetingpakage.com. In this email and all following emails, you have a green button for you to enter the order directly.


If you have enabled online availability to receive direct bookings, the email notification will inform you about a new direct booking and you can see the order from the blue button in the order.


You can also see and manage your orders any time when you log in to MeetingPackage. On MeetingPackage.com, we provide all venue partners with a comprehensive system to help you manage the bookings to your properties. To see your orders, click “My Bookings” on the left side menu.If you do not see the left side menu, click the hamburger menu on the top left corner, adjacent to meetingpackage.com logo.



Then click on the order number of the request you want to see, and it will open in



Check the following things in the request:

  • Event date
  • Start and end time of the event
  • Number of participants
  • What the client has ordered
  • Message from the customer (if they have written one)


Information about time and delegate amount is found  by scrolling down the page under the headline ”Meeting #.....”. You will also see the meeting room that the client is looking to book and what layout they need.


Check from quotation what services the client has chosen to their order. Check that the prices are correct, or when the client has chosen a service you haven’t priced in the system, update the price to match what you’re offering the customer. Click on ”Add Line Item” to add more products. Add the prices both including and excluding VAT, and remember to click on ”Save changes” when done. A line can be removed by clicking on the ”X” to the far right – you might need to scroll right to see it.


If the customer has left a message, you will see the message in the middle of the page. The message often contains more detailed information about the customer’s timetable and wishes for the meeting.  If the client has requested accommodation, that will also show in the messages.


Confirm availability or cancel the request by clicking the ”Confirm” or ”Cancel Booking” button at the top of the page.

Screenshot 2022-05-03 at 13.42.42

Now the status of the booking moves to “Customer should confirm”. You can set a hold date by which the client needs to confirm the booking. After choosing the date, click update.


Write a message directly to the customer and add documents by using the message field under ”Messages and Updates”. Write your message inside the field, upload files using the ”Attach a file” function, and click ”Send” to send the message and / or the files to the customer. In your message you can for example ask for additional information, or offer the client suitable products and additional services.


When the customer confirms the booking, you get an email notification on that. The status of the booking moves to the final stage, confirmed booking. 


You can continue sending messages to the client through the system to agree on the details of the meeting and to send a contract and payment instructions. Please, note that the client always pays directly to the venue according to your payment policy. MeetingPackage doesn’t handle any payments.


General information

The customer can change the number of participants and send you messages through the page, and confirm or cancel their booking request. When you make a change or write a message on the page, the customer always receives an email about it, and if the customer changes something, you will be notified the same way.

We recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as a browser when on MeetingPackage.com. Chrome is faster and more secure than many other browsers