Released 25.5.2021: Revamping the Package Set Up

Link the menus and items to your packages and give booker a better view what is included

The package setup has been moved to a new place and the structure of the packages has been changed – now you will link the menus and items into a package.


The new package set up can be found under a new menu option ¨Product¨.

Build your packages according to your needs :


Seasonal pricing can be adjusted either on full package price level or price change targeted only for certain items in the package.



Corporate rates will now calculate the discount from the rate of the day. Ie. if you have a seasonal rate set for the package and customer is using a code eligible for 10% discount, then the discount is calculated from the seasonal rate for that date, not from the rack rate. 



1. If you have Opera Integration then this change does not impact your set up as package details are always fetched from Opera. 

2. Old packages will work as is until you add a new package with this new structure. So plan ahead when you want to move to this new structure!