How to create a booking engine

How to create your own booking engine to sell Meetings & Events direct from your own website. You can easily create your own landing page and a widget that can be placed to your website.

Here is a short video that explains how to create your own booking engine


Introduction & Background

This is a guide explaining how to create a booking engine in MeetingPackage.
All you need to do is to create the Booking Engine and implement the link your website. We recommend to implement the link in the website main navigation in order to get the maximum benefit out of the service. 

Booking Engine - where to find it? 

By selecting the Booking Engine option in the sidebar, the user is taken to the page
where the booking engine is defined.

Create Booking Engine

Once you have created your venue you need to create the booking engine with  your website’s own look & feel. 

Start by selecting ‘Single’ and select your venue.

Your website: To create a link from the booking engine back to your website enter the url of your website. 

Site name: name of the venue that will be visible in emails and used in creation of  the booking engine. 

Booking Engine page setting

You need to define the header and footer color for your booking engine as well as  font color for the link to go back to your website. Click on the color fields and  highlight the colour you want to use according to your website look & feel. 

This is where you also define the Default Product “Search” ie. which tab to be  opened by default once booker is entering the venue profile : DDR/Package or Meeting room

Snippet settings

The colours for the search box are defined under snippet settings.

Select font, button and background colour. 

Set also the Default delegates - this is the default value for delegates once booker  is entering the booking engine. The default delegate value works inline with the  MeetingRooms min and max room capacity already setup in the venue creation.


Snippet preview 

Here you will see in real-time how your snippet will be displayed after you have  defined the colours. 

Once you are ready with the settings then select ‘Create booking engine’  

Widget and iframe

Once you have created the booking engine you will see the code for widgets on top  of the screen. Codes for both Widget and iframe work the same way.

Copy the code and insert in your webpage. 

Multi property booking engine 

If you have multiple venues and want to have one booking engine for all then you  need to create a multi property engine.  

First create the single Booking Engine for all the individual venues. Once they are  ready, they can be combined into one multi property Booking Engine.


Implementing the Booking Engine

Once you have created the Booking Engine, or optionally the booking engine has already been created for you, the best practice for implementation is to insert the booking engine URL (example screen shot below) to your website's main navigation. 

Booking Engine URL

Implementing the URL above the fold (the view when someone opens your web page) either in main menu/navigation of your website or as a CTA has the biggest impact on conversion. Additionally, you can add the widget to your website for your customers to search for their requested Meeting & Events services before they land to your booking engine profile.